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Coaching Programmes

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Pup Start


Pupstart is a 3 or 6 month coaching programme for dog owners. This course is for your if:

  • You are first time dog owners

  • First time rescue dog owners

  • First time with a new breed

  • Or getting a dog after a long break

The course begins before you even bring your new fur baby home! We will have a video call to discuss the new addition you are welcoming into the family where we will guide you through the home set up process. This could include where to put the crate, the feed bowl or how to introduce the new arrival to existing household pets.

From here you get a weekly coaching call with our expert coaches. You can use this opportunity to show us any behavioural issues you are experiencing with the dog – or what training it has learnt that week!

In addition to this focused support, you also get our coaches on tap via WhatsApp – for all those niggling questions you might have along the way.


Don’t get stuck down a google rabbit hole or get the keyboard warriors suggesting many different things – all of which might be completely unsuitable for your dog! Instead, entrust in your own personal canine coach, to guide you through this exciting time – ensuring you and your new best friend thrive together!


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