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Nutrition and Diet

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As with humans, canines need a balanced diet to be able to thrive. Unable to make their own choices of diet, we, as their owners, are responsible for what they eat. By providing a nutritious diet, we in return may be rewarded with a companion who is fit, healthy and who hopefully will live a long and happy life. Many conditions that are seen by vets, are as a result of what is consumed by dogs, and obesity is on the increase in dogs which can lead to a number of serious health issues,. These can be physical and psychological. Sometimes, by amending a dog's diet just a little, it can help to ensure they are receiving better nutrition and reducing the risk of long-term or life-threatening conditions. Meals can be supplemented, or changed, to help support many medical conditions

Diet has been shown to have an affect on a dog's normal behaviour and a dog that is in pain, or not feeling well, may communicate this with undesirable behaviours.

During training, or an Emmett treatment, diet often gets considered where there is a behavioural issue, general health concern, or to better support a known condition. Please feel free to ask for advice during these sessions

Benefits of a nutritious balanced diet

Symbiotics - Nutritional Guidance for Dogs

Lower risk of known health issues related to obesity, including diabetes, arthritis, respiratory issues, heart disease, and certain types of cancer

Symbiotics - Nutritional Guidance for Dogs

Longer life expectancy

Symbiotics - Nutritional Guidance for Dogs

Less behavioural issues

Symbiotics - Nutritional Guidance for Dogs
Symbiotics - Nutritional Guidance for Dogs

Better performance

Optimum mobility

Symbiotics - Nutritional Guidance for Dogs

Reduced vet bills


Emmett for Dogs in East Sussex

By applying light finger touch at "Emmett" points, this is a complimentary therapy that resets muscle memory to support the release of anxiety, improve posture, increase mobility and general wellbeing.

Training and Behaviour

Instructor led series of training courses in a fun treat-free environment. ​

1-2-1 training where courses are not viable or to concentrate on certain behaviours.

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