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My name is Toni Stevens, BCCSDip.HthNut

As a Canine Wellness Coach, I enable you to maintain a balanced and rewarding relationship between you and your canine companion. This is achieved through a combination of instructor led dog training, complimentary therapies to improve mobility and wellness and nutritious diet.


Symbiotics was born from my passion for dogs and the relationship that develops between owners and their dogs from the positive effects of health and fitness, a balance between training, diet and mobility. Dogs and humans are complex and yet they develop these wonderful relationships. When humans provide a dog with the balance for it to thrive, they in return receive affection, trust and happiness.

It is run by myself, being experienced and qualified in the following disciplines


Canine nutrition

Training & behaviour

Myofascial muscle therapy (Emmett)


A lifetime dog lover, I started observing dogs from a very young age, training a snappy family Jack Russell to be less reactive and happier in its surroundings, at the tender age of 8. This was achieved from observation and an intuitive understanding of the dog's reactions to people, environment and other dogs.

As a young adult, I started owning and training my own rescue dogs, in a number of disciplines suitable to their breed and temperament. This passion for dogs, together with frequent research, study and volunteering opportunities, developed into a deeper understanding of how dogs react and perform in different environments and different training methods. During this time I started to offer 121 treat-free training, focusing on basic obedience and behaviour.

Whilst experiencing and managing illness and injuries in my own dogs, I noticed how diet changes supported the body and in some cases reversed the symptoms. I also noticed that a nutritious diet had a positive effect on general well-being, behaviour and a dog's ability to learn. This led me to study canine nutrition in depth, gaining the BCCS Level 3 Diploma in Canine Nutrition and Health, complimenting my by now already extensive knowledge and qualifications in Canine Psychology, Canine Training & Behaviour, Human and Animal Reiki, Emmett therapy for Dogs and their handlers.

*Until very recently, it was not possible to formally study canine nutrition in the UK unless you were a qualified vet. Fortunately, that has changed and I am able to offer nutritional advice on raw feeding

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