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Training and Behaviour

Canine Training and Behaviour

Training is about building a relationship with your dog. It takes time and consistency of the use of clear commands by humans,

for their dog to understand what is wanted of them. It is a journey, often full of frustration at times, an adaption of lifestyle, but so rewarding in time. Attending a few short lessons does not result in an exceptionally well trained dog. Understanding that, we offer structured courses so that you can move through the levels when you are ready to develop to the next stage. It is common for people to repeat a course before moving onto the next level so that the foundations are set.


Like humans, dogs have different characters and learn at different speeds. When training, I try very hard to take a balanced view of each dog and owners, to help them develop at a pace that works for them both. Often the owner will have to make as many adjustments as the dog. So be prepared, sometimes the dog moves on much faster than his human counterpart!

Our training teaches both verbal and physical commands so support disabilities, in a treat-free manner that works.  

On our courses, as well as the basic commands, the dog learns polite social interaction when in a class environment. In life, we all need boundaries, both to keep us safe and to enable us to be able to mix in a social manner. The same applies to dogs. This is something that you will learn to understand, through observation of yours and other dogs. By applying the training tools you learn, it can help keep your dog feel safe and to be well-mannered

These training sessions are instructor led by me, using a positive reward method, supported by a team of helpers, teaching

the handler how to communicate and train their dog. My aim during the sessions is to share with owners supporting information to help them understand their dogs, from a physical, psychological, and nutritional stance, in order to get the best from their relationship and help prevent future issues arising.


Symbiotics - Training and Behaviour for Dogs

Our training courses are progressive starting with beginners, and are subject to successful completion of each level

We provide proven "treat-free" training, in a fun environment

Our courses are open to dogs of all ages and welcome returners to our courses as a refresh or to progress further

We aim to provide a supportive environment on which to build your training


1-2-1 private sessions 

Puppy introduction to your home and first commands

Training Sessions:

6 week courses, £140,  3 levels, Beginners Level 1 (L1), Beginners Level 2 (L2), & Improvers 

Sunday mornings:  Beginners L1, @ 9.30am

Weds Evenings: Beginners L1, @ 6.30pm


Bodle Street Green Village Hall, BN27 4UB

I also offer 121 lessons, and new puppy to your home introduction sessions. Starting from £60

Local Service areas covered: Battle, Mayfield, Burwash, Hailsham, Herstmonceux, Heathfield, Robertsbridge, Dallington, Wadhurst


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