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A symbiotic relationship is where a person and their dog exist together in a way that benefits them both. It is the synergy between human and dog.

A dog relies on a human for its well-being and in return supports their wellbeing through companionship as a pet, or perhaps as a team member, or colleague, if a working or competing dog.

A dog's needs are different to a human, yet humans attach their emotions to a dog and often treat it as if it were human. Luckily, dogs are very adaptable and can often adjust to this approach, but not always without an impact on their health. Their needs are very basic. To ensure the optimum well-being of a dog, it requires a nutritious diet, appropriate training and the ability to move with ease and without pain.

At Symbiotics, it is our goal to support this symbiotic relationship, through offering services that support good nutrition, basic training and muscle therapy treatment.


What we offer - Emmett Therapy

By applying light finger touch at "Emmett" points, this is a complimentary therapy that resets muscle memory to support the release of anxiety, improve posture, increase mobility and general wellbeing.

What we offer - Training & Behaviour

Instructor led series of training courses in a fun treat-free environment.

1-2-1 training where courses are not viable or to concentrate on certain behaviours.

Getting a new puppy advice 

What we offer - Nutrition and Guidance

As the saying goes "you are what you eat" and that's as true for our dogs as it is for us. Poor nutrition can negatively impact the longevity of dogs, their behaviour and mobility.

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